Designed for backcountry lovers, this snowshoe-ski allows for a sliding step minimizing the effort in deep snow. The versatility of the S-Line will provide a gliding feeling when flying over flat surfaces and excitement while going downhill. Climbs and descents will be facilitated thanks to the wing traction system and to the skins that can be installed under the decking. The use of Faber poles with extra wide baskets will help maintaining your balance in off-trail situations. For optimal control while going downhill, a telemark kneeling position is to be adopted.

Faber – S-Line

SKU: 21554345656
  • FRAME «U» shape - Powder coated Aluminium T832 - 3/4" or 7/8'' Ø
    DECKING Copolymer «WTD»
    PIVOT SYSTEM «LIVE» + Stopper
    BINDING TPR «TRIO CBR» - Cradle base and toe stopper
    CRAMPON Optional traction skins

    For additional info:

    5x36 in 3.5 lbs max 150 lbs
    5.5 x 40 in 4.50 lbs max 225 lbs
    6.5 x 46 in 5.50 lbs max 300 lbs

    Suggested weight limit is based on packed snow conditions. For off trail, reduce suggested weight by 25% or more to ensure better floatation.


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