Christmas Deals


Sports enthusiast on your Christmas list?  Look no futher!  Pro Tackle has something that they are going to love. Whether it's fishing, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing

Hand built in Sudbury, On 

8 ft. $5499 

6 ft. $4999 

 BirdHouse Sauna


FEATURES:  Portable -NO building permit required ,assembly on location if needed, temperature reached in 20 min. or less. 

Option of using different fuels: 
propane, fire wood,charcoal or wood pellets can all be used in the same stove or you can go with Electric stainless steel units with Life time warranty 

All are saunas come standard with: 
Stainless steel electric and wood stoves (rust free sauna stoves ) Made in Canada 
#1 Grade manitoulin island cedar ( top to bottom every single piece of wood is cedar) 
The Entire sauna is water friendly with a shower mounted on the rear wall inside 
Premium stain package 

Reg: $3399

Special: $2899

WILDERNESS SYSTEMS TSUNAMI 17.5 Orange composite with rudder   


FEATURES:  Phase 3 AirPro XP, Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces, SlideLock Foot Brace System, Domed Bow, Midship and Stern Hatches, Bow, Midship and Stern Bulkheads, Bungee Deck Rigging w/ Reflective Static Perimeter Safety Line, Soft Touch Handles, Course Control Rudder


SPECIFICATIONS:  Length: 17' 6" / 528 cm, Width: 24" / 61 cm, Max Capacity: 400 lb / 181 kg, Deck Height: 15.75" / 40 cm, Weight: 68 lb / 31 kg, Cockpit Length: 36" / 91 cm, Cockpit Width: 20" / 51 cm

WILDERNESS SYSTEMS TEMPEST 18  Red composite with skeg   


FEATURES:  Phase 3 AirPro XP Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces, SlideLock Foot Brace System, Kayak Sport Hatches Bow, Midship and Stern Bulkheads, Bungee Deck Rigging w/ Reflective Static Perimeter Safety Line, Soft Touch Handles, Premium Skeg System, Bow Compass Recess


SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 178 / 549 cm, Width: 23" / 58 cm, Max Capacity: 400 lb / 181 kg, Deck Height: 14" / 36 cm, Weight: 64 lb / 29 kg, Cockpit Length: 36" / 91 cm, Cockpit Width: 20" / 51 cm

Reg: $3399

Special: $2899

Blue top, Orange hull, Full Kevlar layup with rudder, high volume. 


FEATURES:  Composite Seam, Current Designs Rudder, Sea-lect Designs Foot Brace, Composite Colors


SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Length: 18' 10" (574.04cm)

Width: 21.25" (53.925cm), Depth: 13.75" (34.925

Cockpit Size: Length: 29.50 (74.93cm), Width: 15.50" (39.37cm)

Bow Hatch: Length: 14" (35.56cm), Width: 8" (20.32cm), Volume: 26.00Gal. (98.28L), Stern Hatch Length: 16.00" (40.64cm), Stern Hatch Width:  8.75" (22.225cm), Volume: 32.00Gal. (120.96L)


Super fast touring kayak

with huge payload

Reg: $4299

Special: $2999


Special: $1899.99

Reg: $1599

Special: $1599

Riot 18' Carbon-Glass Sea Kayak


20.5 inches wide, hard chine, very fast, very stable 
good roller and sculler ,paddled 5 times 






La Turista’s” shape is the beautiful brainchild of a race board and a flatware board. This board caters to the more experienced paddler. Because it is so fast and stable, it invites you to take those longer, more daring paddles.


La Turista comes in 11’6″ and 12’6″ – the 12’6″ version is so fast that it is used in SUP races already. The 11’6″ version is slightly more manoeuvrable and therefore more versatile. 

As with all other Tuga boards, La Turista comes loaded with extras, including the Paddle Bungee, FCS GoPro mount on the nose and nose and tail cargo bungees.



The Angler is an incredibly directional, stable, fast and comfortable board. It features a 5-fin Futures system, the best in its class, in order to give the paddler the control he or she needs when approaching those tough spots to cast out. Fishing is about being first, being right and being patient – and although we cannot guarantee you will have all the patience you need with such a fast and fun board at your feet, we guarantee you will get there in the quietest way and with the most style.

Watch out fish… the Angler is here!

Reg: $4499

Demo Special: $2399

Composite Rowing Shell



16' 20  Rowing skull Composite

with Brebnar carbon oars.